Capitanata Irrigation Consortium


The selected area is the Capitanata irrigation consortium (200’000 ha) in the Puglia Region (Southern Italy), where two farms are selected for water and energy fluxes monitoring and modelling.


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Irrigation type

Water is supplied from large artificial reservoir and wells with pressurized on demand distribution system. Irrigation is on demand and 70% is drip irrigation and 30% sprinkler.

Crop types

The two farms are dedicated to fresh vegetables production for department store distribution (mainly Asparagus, Swiss Chard, Leaf Beet, Savoy Cabbage, Fennel, Spinach, tomatoes and wheat).

Data availability

Meteorological data from the regional network, two eddy covariance stations (soil moisture, evapotranspiration), irrigation volumes of the distribution system, satellite data in the visible and thermal infrared, soil type, land use.