Riegos del Alto Aragón


The Riegos del Alto Aragon (RAA) irrigation district is located in the Ebro basin in northeastern Spain using the waters of the Gállego, Cinca, Sotón, Astón and Guatizalema rivers. The RAA district covers 130,000 ha, the larger district in Europe, using 1000 Mm3 of water diversions fed by four dams with 750 Mm3 of storage capacity.


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Irrigation type

Water is distributed mostly under sprinkle but also surface irrigation. During the last 15 years the district has completed large investments in advanced irrigation systems.

Crop types

The main crops cultivated are cereals and alfalfa.

Data availability

Meteorological data from the regional network, irrigation volumes of the distribution system, satellite data in the visible and thermal infrared, soil type, land use.