The irrigated area of Doukkala is the largest and earliest developed areas in Morocco, remarkable for its size and strategic importance for national production, especially sugar beet (38%) and commercialized milk (20%).



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Irrigation in Morocco

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Irrigation type

The Doukkala irrigation scheme includes two subsets: the high section with irrigated area of 35.000Ha and low Section with irrigated area of 61.000 Ha. The low Section contains four main districts each of them is divided into a number of Centers of Irrigation Management (CGR). The ORMVAD (Regional office of agricultural development in Doukkala) is the responsible for the management. The water management system consists to an irrigation network with 3364 Km length. The water resources mobilized for the irrigation comes mainly from the dam Al Massira, a major water storage stucture in the region with a capacity of approximately 2760 Mm3. Irrigationschemes include  gravity irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation.

Crop types

the main crops are: Wheat, sugar beet, alfalfa

Data availability

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