Chiese Irrigation Consortium


The selected area is the Chiese River basin (Northern Italy), which includes the Lake Idro and the Chiese irrigation consortium (20’000 ha) in Lombardy region. A farm is selected for water and energy fluxes monitoring and modelling. The knowledge in real time of lake downstream actual and forecasted  irrigation water needs supports end users  at different levels:

  1. the reservoir regulation manager;
  2. the distribution operator of the irrigation district;
  3. the single farmers.

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Irrigation type

Water is supplied from the Chiese river through a dense channels network with a distribution rule based on planned fix water allotments determined in advance. The farm irrigation turn is every 6-8 days and irrigation is by flooding.

Crop types

The farm produces maize for grain production and also biofuel.

Data availability

Meteorological data from the regional network, hydrological stations, eddy covariance station in one field (soil moisture, evapotranspiration), irrigation volumes and schedules, satellite data in the visible and thermal infrared, soil type, land use.